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Time-Reporting - Use Emphasize

tracking your real time with Emphasize spent for activities ...

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  • month-end figures continously produced
  • no rigid preset categories but customizable self-regulation
  • Reports are available at any time and as an Excel csv or xml exportable
  • Setup as an Active Deskop Widget with a login for "always"
  • Distinguish between reportable and non-reportable activities
  • runs on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE and Smartphones (IPhone and Nexus)
  • can capture times offline and updates itself when re-connected to Internet
Free registration and usage!

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  • All source-code, including parts used for this website, is browsable as open-source on github. Existing vulnerabilities may be discovered that way and can be fixed after reporting them via a feedback.
  • The roadmap is public now with the ability to vote for certain functionalities. Duplicates of bug reports and improvements can be avoided that way, too.

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