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The server software is available as a download to install for yourself  (free): 1.29.2

Do you need support for this, then please contact: Emphasize IT

Time-Reporting - Limitations

Emphasize is designed

  • for simple and fast time tracking
  • to work like several stop-watches
  • to provide an overview of a project through the reports for a developper
  • to allows a very flexible list of tasks with the field-divisions
  • to support feed-like comments
  • to show an activity-briefing
  • to support a mobile time-reporting
  • to offer an analysis of ones working and pause times
  • to be used as customer-access for transparent reporting

There are plans to extend Emphasize with

  • an automated email-notification
  • task diagrams

Emphasize does not support

  • defining of projects
  • estimation of risks
  • structured planning of projects
  • creation of gantt-diagrams
  • planning of expenses
  • planning of costs
  • controlling (overview of costs and estimation of costs, administration of payroll costs, acquisition of material costs, milestone trend analysis)
  • agile project management with scrum
  • a prodcut backlog
  • performing sprints
  • creation of offers and invoices
  • working with currencies and exchange rates
  • an analysis of project costs and turnovers
  • a resource management
  • working with work time models
  • estimation of occupancy rates
  • management of holidays
  • applications planning
  • extended vocational training
  • managing of resources
  • management of customer files and customer relations
  • scheduling
  • follow-ups
  • address data exchange
  • documenting correspondence
  • import of emails and sending emails
  • connecting to a telephone switchboard
  • proposal preparation
  • acquisition
  • contract management
  • issuing an invoice
  • gathering expenses
  • a ticket system
  • quality control
  • use of workflows
  • any check lists
  • record experiences

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